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Hand Block printing means woodblock printing on textile.

History - For more than 500 years the hand block printing process has been at the forefront of Indian handicraft culture. "Sanganer" A town founded by Kachhawaha prince Sangaji in the early 16th century, developed into a printing centre in the later part of the century. This would indicate that Chhippas (Printers) of this town were already famous in early times. With unparalleled expertise, Sanganer-based artisans thrive to preserve centuries-long tradition and produce this astonishing craft with precision and quality.

Process - The first and the foremost step is making of the block-carving, during which the design is carefully drawn and carved onto the wood block. Colors are then mixed to match the printing needs. The most experienced artisans then proceed to carefully stamp the outline, which is used as a framework for the rest of the design.

To print the design on the fabric, the printer applies colors to the block and presses it firmly and steadily on the cloth, ensuring a good impression by striking it smartly with a wooden mallet. The master printer takes care of correct and accurate printing of the design. Various colors are used for printing; each color consists of its own block.

The fabric is then sent to the washing units where it is immersed in a soapy lotion and rinsed several times. Then it is dried under the hot sun. After having been carefully checked & ironed, the pieces are then sent to the stitching units, where they are measured and carefully stitched according to the requirements. A final quality check is then done by women artisans.

This method is capable of yielding high quality and artistic results.

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