Work & Process - Sanganer

   The village of Sanganer near Jaipur has been a major centre for very fine wooden block-cutting and printing the main cast involve in the handicraft is chipa. Almost 500 years' old, Sanganeri printing gained high popularity in the 16th and 17th centuries in all European countries with its Calico prints and became one of the major exports of the East India Company. Legend has it that it was probably towards the end of the 17th century that this art form developed here. Due to the constant wars with the Mughals and Marathas, many printers migrated from Gujarat to Rajasthan. Under the royal patronage, by the end of the 18th century this industry was fully developed in Sanganer
  The process which is used was first Drawing in a wooden block, then carving, then dipping this carved block in color, then printing after printing washing of the cloth.
Drawing on wooden blockCarvingReady Block
Dipping in colorPrintingWashing

Fabric we work in

FabricWidth - InchesWidth - CM
70 x 90 Cotton Voil45"114 CM
92 x 80 Cotton Voil45"114 CM
60's Cambric63"160 CM
60's Cambric45"114 CM
40 x 40 Cambric45"114 CM
Cotton Silk45"114 CM
30 x 30 Sheeting63"160 CM
20 x 20 Sheeting98"249 CM
Canvas36"91 CM
Canvas45"114 CM
3.10 Heavy Canvas63"160 CM

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